How a Chiropractor Can Help You Deal with Osteoarthritis

As people begin to get older, they are increasingly vulnerable to certain conditions, illnesses or diseases and some of these can be chronic. Osteoarthritis is just such an example and, if left untreated, can severely restrict motion and quality of life. If you're suffering from some form of arthritis and this is relatively new to you, you will want to gather as much information as possible and take steps to remedy. What should you know about this ailment and how a chiropractor can help you to move forward?

Understanding the Condition

Osteoarthritis is not just linked to advancing age but maybe especially apparent if you have overused to the joint in question. If you had previously worked in a particular occupation that required continuous movement under pressure, then you may be especially at risk as once the symptoms first appear, onset may be progressive.


This condition is generally associated with degeneration of the joint, and it can typically affect the knees, hips, hands or part of the spine. In the latter case, it's called spondylosis, and it can be particularly painful where it affects the discs.

Extra Risk

You may be at additional risk of developing arthritis if you are overweight or you have a history of smoking. If you had previously injured the joint in an accident or sporting event, then you may be more vulnerable, and if you have several of these factors in combination, then you need to be proactive with your care.

Management Techniques

Arthritis is prevalent and, consequently, there are many different ways to manage it. You should talk with a chiropractor as well as they can suggest several different therapy options that may help to alleviate the pain and increase range of motion. For example, they may combine muscle therapy techniques with certain adjustments, and following the treatment, you may be able to get a greater range of motion and find that the pain is more manageable. You may also be able to take certain supplements to help manage the progression and should talk with your practitioner to see what they advise.

Taking Action Now

Don't suffer in silence and try to manage osteoarthritis by yourself. The sooner that you consult with a general chiropractor about a care program the better off you will be as, after all, you will want to be as mobile as possible as you get older to maintain that quality-of-life.

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