Three Must-Have Equipment for Newbie Chiropractors

When you become a fully-fledged chiropractor, you learn that the field is very competitive, thanks to the growing number of chiropractic physicians. Notably, more people are giving their health and wellness the seriousness it deserves, which means seeing a chiropractor every once in a while. Therefore, if you have just graduated from chiropractic school and want to start a private practice, you need a few critical tools. While a chiropractor might not need a lot of quirky equipment to treat patients effectively, some devices are must-haves. This article highlights essential tools required to kick off a private chiropractic practice.

Intersegmental Traction Table -- Also referred to as a roller table, a traction table is one of the most critical pieces of equipment for any chiropractor worth their salt. While you could save cost by investing in a regular physician's examination table, it will not help manipulate your patients' spine into position. In fact, it might worsen a patient's condition. An intersegmental traction table makes spine manipulations easy and effective. For instance, the table helps chiropractors make gradual adjustments to a patient's spinal alignment. In turn, it reduces the risk of intense adjustments that could worsen a problem. It is particularly the case when dealing with herniated vertebral discs or pinched nerves. Ultimately, an intersegmental table is designed to accommodate a patient's spinal curvature, ensuring proper alignment of the discs.

Ultrasound Machine -- You would be wrong if you thought chiropractors get special ultrasound machines. Notably, chiropractors use the same ultrasound machine used to check developing babies in the womb. Fundamentally, an ultrasound machine is a diagnostic tool that helps chiropractors pinpoint the exact problem area in a patient's musculoskeletal system. For instance, chiropractors use ultrasound machines to investigate inflammations, tears, and nerve entrapments, among other abnormalities. When shopping for an ultrasound machine, go for a portable device with high-frequency probes or transducers. You will not regret the real-time diagnostic benefits of owning an ultrasound machine right off the bat.

Exercise Therapy Equipment -- Testing patients is the surest way of knowing whether they are making progress, and you can use the same results to adjust treatment. Exercise therapy equipment is excellent for treatment and tracking a patient's progress. For instance, since a frozen shoulder reduces the joint's range of motion (ROM), chiropractic treatment must focus on restoring the shoulder's ROM. Once treatment begins, a chiropractor can use elastic bands for rehabilitation and analyse a shoulder's ROM changes. Therefore, you should have exercise therapy equipment in your practice, including exercise balls, elastic bands, vibration plates, and balance platforms. They help treat issues affecting balance, flexibility, and range of motion.

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