A Holistic Approach to Managing and Treating Arthritis

Arthritis is a medical condition that causes debilitating, extreme and life-threatening pain to millions of patients across the globe. If not managed properly, arthritis can lead to disability. Furthermore, most people with arthritis suffer from leisure and work-related limitations due to the excruciating pain. However, holistic management and treatment of arthritis through naturopathy can relieve pain and improve patients' quality of life. Naturopathy uses complementary therapies and natural products to manage pain. Read on to learn more about the holistic approach to managing and treating arthritis.

Holistic Care Explained

Holistic care in chiropractic practice considers the body, mind and spirit as one to achieve true wellness. The absence of illness tells half the story. For a person to be truly healthy, there must be a balance between the three parts. In this regard, diet and exercise must be part and parcel of programs for managing and treating arthritis —not just joint manipulation to ease the pain. Also, stress reduction is vital to improve patient wellness. Being holistic implies that a chiropractor identifies and treats arthritis using different approaches while referring you to other specialists, such as nutritionists and acupuncturists, when needed.


Although arthritis pain is managed by chiropractic manipulation of joints, dietary interventions are often required to address the root cause of the pain. Since naturopathy insists on using different methods to compliment joint manipulation, many chiropractors are turning to diet to manage pain. Notably, proper and adequate nutrition is essential for joint health. Generally, a change in food diet can aid in minimising joint pain and inflammation. Avoiding processed foods filled with wheat and sugars and replacing them with meals rich in vitamin D, fatty acids and antioxidants can alleviate joint and muscle pains. Examples of recommended foods include avocados, nuts, seeds, fish, mangos and leafy greens.

Low-Impact Exercises

Apart from diet, naturopathy efforts like exercise are a conservative yet first-line way to manage arthritis pain. Mild aerobic and strength exercises that address obesity and overweight problems can go a long way in helping arthritis patients by reducing inflammation. By staying active in a gentle manner, patients can strengthen joint muscles without suffering injuries. Exercises that maintain a range of joint motions, such as walking, yoga, swimming and Pilates, are recommended as an all-inclusive way of managing arthritis. Remember that lack of exercise can exacerbate pain because joints become more stiff and painful, further inhibiting movement.

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